Counter Rose
List of Characters

The Original Goddesses
They united to build Junnator in Heaven
to live with their people,
And they gave their power
to protect their people from destruction.


Goddess of the Red Moon

gave the gift
of Existance


Goddess of the Blue Moon

gave the gift
of Life


Goddess of the Green Moon

gave the gift
of Love
(Unconditional Love)

The New Gods
On a quest to restore color to the world
and return their people to Heaven

Young scientist of Junnator's elite Science Groups. He was born of a line of foxes who have multiple tails, which attracts unwanted attention to him in any crowd. It was only recently revealed to Juichi that he is decended from the forgotten goddess of the Red Moon, Canterra. After learning this had been on the run avoiding the secret group of scientists known as the Baal who wish to obtain his inherited power of Creation. Even after eventually discovering the original goddess Canterra, he is still unsure of the power he possesses within.

Juichi's sister, also inheriting the powers of the goddess Canterra. Through most of her life, she had trained to be a Gunfox, as she had looked up to her hero, the Legendary Kaleia. Though younger than Juichi, she feels a duty to protect her seemingly helpless brother. Jaicia is also pursued by the Baal because of Canterra's power, but the Swordfox, Kado, has sworn to protect Jaicia with his life. Jaicia felt she owed her life to Kado, and so declared that Jaicia and Kado be life-mates.

Kaleia (the Pure Daughter)
She is the daughter of the Legendary Kaleia and also the last daughter of Doctor Ketran. Through being born from the Catalyst selected by the goddess Felterra, she was free from the Baals' taint and inherited Felterra's full power. The Baal had pursued her for her power for most of her 150-year life, and she fought them off with the skills of a Guncat.

The Angels
Messengers and Warriors of Heaven

The greatest and most powerful angel created by the Goddesses. His pride led to causing the fall of Junnator in an attempt to destroy all that the Goddesses loved.

Kado had trained in the art of the Swordfox to impress Jaicia, whom he had admired for a while. Though Jaicia had blown away some of Kado's earlier advances, he won her heart after he resuced her from his father's science experiments, and in turn declared Jaicia to be his life-mate. When Kado had later met the Goddess Canterra, he was appointed as an Angel to serve Juichi and Jaicia as repentance for attacking his father. Kado later learned of the awesome power possessed by the angel Reficul, and he sought to aquire it. Refilcul's power had turned Kado into a cold killer without compassion, much to the fear of Jaicia.

The Baal
Created from unholy union,
they take the world as their own
and call themselves the gods to rule over all

Doctor Tinn (Ba'altinn)
Juichi's mentor. Tinn had been suspicious of the Lancing family's relation to the goddess Canterra, but had been unable to act until he was sure. He revealed to Juichi and Jaicia of the forgotten history of heavenly Junnator, and their confirmed relation to the goddess Canterra.

Doctor Demonio (Ba'aldemonio)
God over the town Barrica. He manages to catch the unsuspecting Juichi and try to lure Jaicia to his laboratory as well. Demonio lost is position as a god after his ear was disfigured by Jaicia.

Doctor Dämon (Ba'aldämon)
God over the town Brenet. He failed to catch Juichi and Jaicia before they found their way to the hidden location of Katsona's cavern.

Serrah (Ba'alserrah)
A Baal scientist banished from the Baal ranks after a horrible accident that left her deformed, she is forbidden to call herself one of the Baal.

Doctor Shino (Ba'alshino)
A corrupt optomitrist who almost had Kado under the knife to try to torture him. He tried to force Juichi into mating with a local town girl.

Doctor Efner (Ba'alefner)
The strict headmaster of a schoolhouse who preaches to his town about the Baal. When Jaicia and Kaliea invaded the schoolhouse, he grabbed a girl and used her as a shield.

Doctor Shad (Ba'alshad)
The auctioneer who hosted the Goddess Auction and sold Jaicia to Lord Akery.

Doctor Zebub (Ba'alzebub)
The first son of Ketran and the leader of the Baal. He controls the western world, farthest from Junnator. After Kaleia was captured, he had her brought to Zebub's Tower to call her Queen, and suggested that Kaleia bring forth the Pure Baal.

Tulip (Ba'altulip)
A lower-ranking Baal in Zebub's tower. He had developed a crush on Kaleia and offered to perform tasks for her to try to earn her love and to be her mate.

Those in the Past
As they were mentioned
in the Tome, Jacos' Story

Doctor Lancing
Once a great scientist hailed in Junnator in the field of Geology for his technological advances in harnessing Geothermal energy 250 years ago. Lancing learned of a terrible secret project kept by his assistant, Doctor Xamdor, which could prove disastrous for the world, the Luna Stone. Lancing took one of the 24 pieces of the Luna Stone, and in fear of administrative action for sabotage, he fled from Junnator to the far west. No one in Junnator had heard from Lancing ever again.

Doctor Xamdor
Aside from being assistant to Doctor Lancing's Geothermal projects, Xamdor had studied on his own, in other subjects, in secret. After locationg Felterra's Chamber deep within Junnator's core, he attempt to revive the goddess' power. From the goddess Felterra he fathered two sons: Ketran and Maldon, the first of the Baal. Xamdor created the Luna Stone as an attempt to recreate Canterra's power. Xamdor hunted down Grei Smoke after suspecting the Flowna of tampering with Luna Stone, but he had met an untimely death along the way..

Doctor Ketran (Ba'alketran)
One of the first of the Baal. Ketran was seven when his father, Xamdor, was killed by the Flowna. After Ketran learned that the goddess Felterra was his real mother and the Luna Stone pieces were stolen, Ketran got revenge by killing Grei Smoke. But Ketran was enraged to learn that the many pieces of the Luna Stone were scattered across the world. Having inherited immortality from Felterra, he spent a century searching for the missing pieces, using any means. He was finally killed by Jacos Lancing at Junnator.

Maldon (Ba'almaldon)
Brother of Ketran, and one of the first of the Baal. Maldon had been unaware of his relation to the goddess Felterra. After his father's death, his birth mother took him from Junnator to the world outside. Maldon later became aware that his slow aging was a sign of mysterious immortality. When he learned that Ketran was also immortal and that he had been causing chaos across the world, Maldon created his own team to counter Ketran's actions: the Dragon Slayers. When Maldon finally met with Ketran, he learned there about the power he inhereted from Felterra, but was shortly after killed by the Legendary Kaleia.

Kaleia (the Legendary)
An excellent master Guncat. Kaleia mysteriously found that she was chosen to be the Catylist, the one who will mate with the Baal and give birth to the "Pure Daughter" who would be the true heir to Felterra's name. So she sought out Doctor Ketran and joined in his search for the missing pieces of the Luna Stone. She had originally planned to kill Ketran herself, but she could not bring herself to doing so because she loved him.

The leader of Maldon's Dragon Slayers. He was trained by Maldon in the ways of martial arts. Saichi's quest was to travel across the world to destroy the twelve Dragon Portals that were opened by Doctor Ketran and to destroy the Dragon Treasures that were brought to the world.

Jacos is a descendant of Doctor Lancing. While being raised on the family strawberry farm, he heard great stories of the City of Heaven, Junnator, where Lancing had come from. Jacos left his home in secret to pursue the great city, unknowing of the dangerous evils that would be encountered along the way. Maldon eventually found Jacos, and Jacos joined the Dragon Slayers in hopes that it would get him to Junnator faster. Along the way Jacos found the mysterious two-tailed vixen, Katsona, whom he later declared his life-mate. After arriving in Junnator, he met his fate in the final battle against Ketran.

A vixen with two tails, whom Jacos found inside an underground cavern thriving with life. She is unaware of her own origins and had never met another person, so naturally became curious and followed Jacos out into the world.